The Race issue, CRT, BLM?

I wanted to compile some resources regarding CRT, Critical Race Theory. Many good Christians feel compelled to support CRT and BLM because it is good to fight racism. Standing against racism and for justice are good things, however CRT and BLM are not compatible with Biblical justice and Biblical understanding of humanity and race. They are incompatible with Jesus’ redemptive work.

If you are a Christian, you must stop perpetuating the “race” lie. Stop using the terms as defined by unbelievers, and stop getting caught in the argument as framed by the world. Reenchant the argument with God’s truth and grace.

There is only one human race created in the image of God! Male and female he created the human race, and all humans are endowed by their creator with eternal value.

God has created us with beautiful and colorful diversity. Rejoice and praise God for our ethnic and cultural diversity!

So, where can you find CRT? “CRT is embedded in re-education programs euphemistically called “diversity training,” or “sensitivity training,” or “anti-bias training.”

Founders Ministries “A Brief Critique of Critical Race Theory”

Founders Ministries “have been concerned about CRT, Critical Theory (CT), and Intersectionality (I) since I recognized that these godless and materialistic ideologies were making inroads into the evangelical world in general and the Southern Baptist Convention in particular. Founders has published dozens of articles on these subjects. We have addressed them in several podcasts. Our cinedoc, By What Standard?, deals with the issue more in depth.”

A major part of CRT is its presuppositions—which it demands you accept. These include:

  • Racism is engrained in the fabric & system of the American society
  • Power structures based on white privilege & white supremacy exist & must be overthrown.

These presuppositions are not to be questioned. They are asserted and acceptance is required. Otherwise, you are a racist and become “Exhibit A” for the first presupposition listed above...

The gospel provides full atonement in the once-for-all-death of Jesus on the cross. All who turn from sin and trust Him are justified instantly and completely. There is no need to do works—anti-racist or any other kind—in hopes of making oneself acceptable to some unknowable standard. Justification is by grace, through faith in Christ, without any works at all mixed into the foundation…

Any Christian leader who understands CT/CRT/I & refuses to reject them is not a trustworthy guide in the battle that is currently raging within the church and culture. Anyone who promotes any of these ideologies is either too naive to be a leader or has become complicit with the enemy against Christ.