CAP – Civil Air Patrol

2019 O-Ride

Civil Air Patrol provides financial assistance to select, deserving cadets. Scholarships, Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP), and Youth Aviation Initiative programs are merit or needs-based awards.


Take-Off Program – TOP Cadet
Merit-based program supporting cadets at week-long powered and glider flight academies, possibly leading at a solo flig

Lift Program
Need-based program supporting cadets at week-long career explorations (NCSAs)

Cadet Wings Program
Merit-based program for cadets pursuing a private pilot certificate; ultra-competitive… new diamond of cadet life.
The goal of Cadet Wings is to assist cadets in obtaining their Private Pilot Certificate, recognized by industry as the first milestone for those who have a serious desire to pursue a flying career.Cadet Wings Student Guide

Flight Scholarships

High School GPA information

CAP specifically asks for an unweighted GPA, based on a 4.0 scale. Some high schools will award extra credit for honors/AP courses, which should not be included in an unweighted score. An unweighted GPA will not exceed 4.00 on a 4.00 scale.

The standard points given for a grade in a 4.0 GPA system is:

A=4 B=3 C =2 D=1 F=0

Other schools may give different points for grades with a “+” or “-“. One example of this is:

A = 4.00 grade points A- = 3.67 grade points B+ = 3.33 grade points B = 3.00 grade points B- = 2.67 grade points C+ = 2.33 grade points C = 2.00 grade points C- = 1.67 grade points D+ = 1.33 grade points D = 1.00 grade points D- = 0.67 grade points

Either way is acceptable for CAP.