Demonic Roots of Marx?

“Why, if Marxism was merely a clever economic theory, are its adherents so consistently nasty? …

“Richard Wurmbrand offered a radical theory to explain Karl Marx. Perhaps he was not an atheist at all. Perhaps his true master was the devil! …

“It is pride, not Marx’s economic theories, that is the true link joining communist tyrants like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pott, Castro, and the Kim crime family, to their ideological stepfather…

“Further circumstantial evidence comes from the impact of Marx’s life. One hundred million innocent people have been killed by the man’s followers. (So far!) Thousands of years of Chinese culture were trashed by the Red Guards. Whole nations were enveloped in barbed wire…

“But Wurmbrand also offered more direct evidence. It includes a strange (yet brilliant) play Marx wrote as a student at the University of Berlin, after he had abandoned the faith of his childhood. Are such writings a “smoking gun”? Whether Marx’s words smell of hell or not, let those who would solve this riddle, consider: …”

READ MOREContemporary Marxism’s Satanic Roots” by DAVID MARSHALL at the Stream

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